Utah CCW Training, LLC.


Utah Concealed Firearm Permit Classes, Basic Shooting Courses (Needed for most outstate CCW's) are available with discounts.  Utah CCW Training is both a Veteran & family owned LLC that prides itself on unparalleled service and performance.  We are committed to providing the best firearm instruction possible from the beginner level to the expert level.  We teach three carry classes, the Utah, Arizona and Florida Concealed Carry courses.  These are classes we teach, we do not issue the concealed permits.  The BCI will issue your permit after your successful completition of the class, submission of your application and background check.  We offer Concealed Carry Courses, NRA Pistol & Rifle Courses, AR-15 Courses and much more.  Please visit our "Classes" link for more details.

Our Commitment:
At Utah CCW Training, we treat our students with courtesy and integrity. We guarantee realistic, honest marksmanship advice that achieves results. We will lead you on a course to fully understand how to maintain, fire, store and carry your firearms. Our years of experience and notable expertise ensure that your instruction will be in good hands.

Our consistent track record of uncompromising ethics instills confidence and trust. We welcome everyone interested in learning the basics of gun ownership to take the NRA First Steps.  This is a 3-4 hour class for those who have never fired a gun and want to learn what gun ownership is all about.  The NRA Basic Pistol Course is an 8 hour course that consists of classroom and range education. 

The Utah Concealed Firearm Permit class is about 4 hours long.  It is highly recommended that candidates for this class have prior understanding of how to handle a firearm.  If not, then the student will receive one of the NRA courses from us at a considerable discount. This is our commitment of excellence to all of our students.