Know that you are in good hands with our lead instructor with over 20+ years of experince
Scott Mogilefsky Bow Hunting

Instructor: Scott Mogilefsky




Scott Mogilefsky is certified to teach the Utah, Arizona and Florida concealed carry permit courses.
Scott, your instructor, brings 20+ years of experience in firearms. Scott is a Utah Concealed Firearm Instructor through the Utah BCI, NRA Certified Firearm Instructor and a Utah Hunter Education Instructor. Scott is a Veteran of the U.S. Army, served overseas and was deployed to hostile environments. He is an avid hunter (rifle & bow), outdoorsman, mountaineer, survivalist, trapper and expert marksman. He is committed to instructing those new to the shooting world as well as more developed shooters looking to advance to the next level. His outlook on instruction is simple “everyone interested in learning, will learn and have fun with it”. In February 2016, Scott was awarded Hunter Education Instructor of the Year for 2015 for the Salt Lake Region.