Students will need their own firearms, holsters, eye & ear protection and 300 rounds of practice/ball ammunition for the class.  If students are interested in extra shooting after the class, feel free to bring extra ammo to practice more. The instructor will provide all targets we will use in the course.  Upon completion of the course students will receive a course completion certificate.

Utah CCW Training’s Defensive Handgun Course is the next step for those who have a concealed firearm permit.

Defensive Handgun Course

The course will start in the classroom where we will review firearm safety, proper draw methods, the Utah self-defense laws and much more.  Students will then proceed to the range where we will spend a majority of the class.  At the range, students will fire warm up shots from different shooting positions we covered in the CFP course.  From there we will move onto the shooting drills and scenarios. 

The prerequisites for this course are students must have their concealed firearm permit or have taken the CFP course.  If you do not have the Utah Concealed Firearm Permit and you are interested in this class, sign up for the Utah CFP Course here prior to the defensive shooting course.  For those who will need extra practice with their firearms for basic handgun shooting the instructor will schedule a time to meet with you at the range prior to the Defensive Handgun Course.

Prepay for the Defensive Handgun Course:

Utah CCW Training’s Defensive Handgun Course is the next step for those who have a concealed firearm permit.  The course is designed to educate students to how to conceal their firearms in various carry methods and engage their targets accurately.  The shooting drill techniques are integrated into scenarios that a CFP holder could face while in public areas or inside their own homes. 


Deposit for the Defensive Handgun Course:

The cost for this course is $200.00 per student and will last for about 6-8 hours.  Registration and deposit are required for this class. 

The instructor reserves the right to deny training to a student for any reason such as attitude or failure to obey safety procedures.  It is expected and strongly recommended that students have a working knowledge of their handgun and holster prior to the course.