We offer instructor range visits for shooters who request extra coaching.  This is hands on experince at the range with the instructor by your side helping you excel in your shooting abilities.  This course is designed for both basic shooting skills and defensive shooting drills.  

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The AR-15 course is designed to teach students every aspect of the AR-15/M-4 platform. Students will learn the history of the rifle, maintenance and care, safe operation, sighting in and much more. 
This course starts off in the classroom and will end at the range where students will get more hands on experince with this firearm.

For those who already have their CFP’s, we offer several defensive shooting courses to continue their education and training.  The Utah CCW Training Defensive Pistol course is designed in two blocks, one for beginners and the other for more experienced shooters.  Upon completion of the course, students will receive a course completion certificate and a student CD.  

We have seen too many cases of mass shootings and tragic loss of life in recent years. The Active Shooter course will teach students how to react to an active shooter situation at work, schools and other public areas. Students will learn counter measures from an unarmed by-standard to carrying a concealed firearm and how to react in these situations.

Utah CCW Training Shooting Courses

Shooting Courses offered by Utah CCW Training