The cost of the 8 hour continuing education course is $125.

1. Bail Agents shall demonstrate safe firearms handling skills, both in range and simulated tactical situations.

2. Increase Bail Agents basic firearms skills, both manipulation and marksmanship with an emphasis on malfunction clearing and reloading.                               

3. Bail Agents shall demonstrate an acceptable level of skill with the weapon they plan to carry through timed qualification courses and various dry-fire and live-fire drills.

The total amount of rounds required for this course is a minimum of 265.  Students must have 75% or better standard scoring on B-21 / TQ-19 / TQ-21 or similar silhouette type target.  Those who fail to pass will be allowed to take remedial training at the firearms instructor’s discretion. Students will shoot from 16 different positions for the handgun qualification course.  Once the standards for the qualification course have been met, students can learn and practice more shooting drills if they desire.  Upon successful completion of the course, the students will receive a certificate of completion, a completed application for the Utah CFP to include fingerprints and passport photo.  Students will provide their own firearm, holster, ammunition, eye & hearing protection and range fees.

Day-One:  Students will learn the basics of firearm basics, safety, maintenance, fundamentals, safe handling,  storage, holster selections, draw & presentation of their firearm,  Concealed Firearm Act, Justification of Force, Weapons in prohibited areas/circumstances,  Rules of arrests, by whom and how made,  Weapons laws and much more.

Utah Bail Enforcement Firearms Certification Course

The Bureau of Criminal Identification is responsible for ensuring that all licensees receive proper firearms training.  The Bureau in conjunction with the Bail Bond Recovery Licensure Board will issue, certify, and regulate all bail applicants and licensees.  It is the responsibility of every bail licensee wanting to carry a firearm while in the performance of their duties to learn and apply safe handgun practices and also possess a practical knowledge of the laws that govern firearms and the use of force.  All licensees need to understand their personal abilities and limitations.

Day-Two FIREARMS CERTIFICATION Training Objectives:

Bail Enforcement Agents wishing to continue their education, we offer an 8 hour and 4 hour course.  The 8 hour course will consist of the FIREARMS CERTIFICATION range day.  The 4 hour course will consist of the Utah Concealed Firearm Permit Course.

The cost of this course is $250 for the initial course.

This course is 16 hours at a minimum.  If students need more instruction the course will take longer as needed.  The first day is primarily all in a classroom setting and the second day is spent at the range. 


Bail Enforcement Firearms Certification Course