Due to the recent snow melt and flooding it has caused in Utah, we have been delayed in updating our trapping videos on our YouTube Channel.  We will have our YouTube page updated with information we cover in classes and more that we do not have time to cover in the Furharvester and Hunter Education Courses.  We will be adding an Advanced Trapping class around November 2019.  The Advanced Trapping course will cover more information on water-based and land-based sets than what is covered in the Furharvester course, trap placement methods, pelt care and much more.

Along with the Utah CFP courses, we have been busy with the Utah Hunter Education courses at Lee Kay.  Scott will be teaching two Hunter Education classes a month at Lee Kay until September 2019.  There are also two Furharvester courses scheduled for this year.  The Hunter Education classes fill up about two weeks prior to the course date, so be sure to plan time for the course.

The Utah CCW Training Newsletter showcases current events and reminders.

Utah CCW Training has been busy with the Utah Concealed Carry Courses.  Thank you to all of our students for all you do!  Please remember to be safe out there and always feel free to contact us for any questions you may have down the road.   Check our “Schedule” tab on the site for our upcoming courses and click the “course registration” link to register for courses.  

Utah CCW Training Newsletter March - October 2017